Nuclear Altar Požega, Croatia

Blessing the ruins with your debris and filth

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Track Name: End Of Illusion
For seven days seven blades
For seven nights seven graves

Resignation is salvation
Barren vision, end of illusion
Track Name: Seeing Demons Everywhere
Rise in number, rise in size
Rise forever, no more lies

Rise, rise, fucking rise
No more heaven in my eyes

Seeing demons everywhere
Track Name: Crushing Silence
Desperate monsters born in gutter
Endless darkness across the wastelands

Crushing silence

Evil spawned deep inside
Rotten mind of mankind
Track Name: Infernal Disappearance
Our way, our times
From misery to demise
No angels, no gods
Back to graveyards

Infernal disappearance
Track Name: Gates Forever Closed
Constant shadow
A sign of sorrow
Vile and hollow
Death shall follow

Forever closed
Track Name: Blessed Ruins
Kneel, kneel
Kneel down
Kneel in front
My burning crown

Blessing the ruins
With your debris and filth